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Anonymous asked:

What advice do you have for someone who keeps "jumping" from art style to art style and can't make a comic because he looks back at the first pages and he doesn't like the style he did on those pages?


Definitely don’t let fears of inconsistancy hold you back from making your comic. That only really matters if you’re a professional who’s being hired to give a certain look at a specific time. Experimentation is the best way to improve, after all. In my first comics the style changed all the time, and even now, if I think I can change something to make my work look better, I’ll do it.

Looking back on your first pages and not liking them is something that will ALWAYS happen, or at least you should hope it will, because if it does that means you’re getting better. Hell, I know my first pages look awful, but if you start redoing your old pages you really will get trapped and keep restarting eternally. You just have to accept that you didn’t used to be as good as you are now, and keep looking ahead at what you’ll do next. Your readers will enjoy seeing the journey you’ve taken too.






Bill Nye is my favorite

Dawkins needs to get over himself

Bam. Dawkins is a jerk.

Dawkins looks like he is being physically repelled by Bill Nye’s presence. Like Bill has this aura that pushes back assholes or something.

Dawkins looks like “Bill, you’re supposed to be scientific, you should know better than to assume that this is the case. Back up your claims you idjit. Or maybe you really are just a pseudoscientist.”

That statement assumes that everyone has exactly the same interest in becoming a scientist. Which, ya know, totally reflects reality.

And i think that’s what Bill is getting at here. Why don’t we have a roughly 50-50 ratio of men and women in the science field? There is likely a social construct in our present day (and past-day) society that influences/has influenced women in a way that they think going into the sciences isn’t a good idea for them, or worse, isn’t a possibility for them to pursue. I think we both can agree that your gender shouldn’t affect your desire to go into the field of science as a career, right? But it is quite odd that there is a drastic amount more of male scientists than female, and let’s just keep that in democratic societies. I’ve seen many ads of colleges and universities and trade schools clamoring for more women to be in these fields and willing to even shell out money to put them in, which is nice. But, why does it need to come to that? Or even, why is it so important that we have an equal representation of both sexes in science fields? Here’s an article that does a good job of talking about gender and science career-takers. I’m no science guy myself, ahahaha.

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