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Week 2 day 3

Ghghghgh I’ve noticed, that since I kind of have extra time, I tend to be more lax after my mid-day sleep. I shouldve done comic work before class but nnnupe just stayed in bed. (It doesn’t help I wound up waiting at college for an extra hour, blugh)

Well, anywho. I have a tomorrow to tackle! Goodnight people!

Opening commissions again.



Hi guys! I’m once again in a bit of a bind and I need a bit of help ;v;!

After paying a few bills I noticed that I’m running a little low on funds to pay my half of the rent, so I’m opening full shop for commissions to get what I need ;v;/!

I only need to collect about $125 to make rent by August 5th.

Help the bud out!

This guy does adorable stuff! Support if you can!

First day of week 2

Went pretty well! Got plenty of drawing practice in, which is what I tend to do when I happen to have the free time….and no any more important obligations like getting ahead on homework. >u>”

AHhhwell. Better to reward my getting things done with more art practice eh? S’no like I’m technically procrastinating when I haven’t scheduled to do that paper till the day of, eh? Blugh yeah I’ll get to that tomorrow then…

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