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Tomorrow is October (ALREADY???) and to many people’s knowledge the month is what is known as “Drawtober” or, “Inktober” which are both daily drawing challenges. I’ll technically be doing both since ‘Drawtober’ is just that, drawing daily. (I do that anyway) And Inktober is more special in that it focuses on black and white only.

I think I’ll have to choose to neglect my physical sketchbooks again because I have had this graphic novel project on the back-burner throughout the year, and I am concerned about what style I’m going to have for it, or at least, I need to get used to the style of it. I’ve tried to figure it out on traditional paper n stuff the past few weeks, but its not easy because I have to use markers and stuff, whereas in digital, (which is what I’ll be using for the comic) I have infinite black and white to use, and its easy to apply.

November is when I’ll be super focused on it, (the graphic novel) assuming I get Pokemon beta out of the dang way.
SOOO expect daily drawings from me? They might be bad, I dont know.

An exaggerated look at the struggles of a graphic artist’s career.
I say exaggerated because there are guns involved to drive points home. Artists are for whatever reason disrespected despite all the hard work time and effort they put into their craft.

Unfortunately this video is easy to misconstrue, and if you watch it you’ll probably know why. I would also even talk about what the ‘protagonist’ did wrong, but I’ll do that under the cut to make you watch the video first.

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